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Airhead Rapidz 1138 Inflatable SUP Board Review

Airhead Rapidz 1138 iSUP Board

Airhead is a brand that is mostly known for creating unique or most appropriately special inflatable stand up paddle boards that are meant to fulfill the preferences of various users. More specifically, this manufacturer has managed to produce a variety of smart boards that are meant to cope with the basic needs of beginners primarily. […]

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Wakooda LA132 11′ Inflatable SUP Board Review

In the realm of inflatable paddle boards, quality is an essential feature to get noticed. Frankly speaking, inflatable SUP boards are not like hard ones. However, they are definitely not worse. A great example of that is the LA132 which is the newest addition to a rich line of quality inflatable boards that go by […]

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Tower Paddle Boards iRace 12’6″ Inflatable SUP Review

Tower Paddle Boards iRace 12'6

The biggest concern every surfer or paddler has is that of adequacy because at the end of the day there’ll always be a thousand quality boards but only a handful that are actually suitable for you. Right now, you’re looking for an inflatable stand up paddle board but it’s not so easy to make up […]

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Naish 12′ Glide Air Inflatable SUP Board Review

I can’t hide my excitement about this SUP which is very similar to a hard board and which represents the coolness and awesomeness of inflatable paddle boards; yet, I’m going to have to take it easy and represent to you the amazing Glide Air inflatable stand up paddle board by Naish. Recently, a lot of […]

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Airhead FIT 1032 Inflatable SUP Board Review

Airhead FIT 1032 inflatable SUP Board Review

In a world of inflatable paddle boards, Airhead would be the vice president; it gets most of the work done but it hardly ever gets any credit. This brand has made it its priority to accommodate for the different preferences and needs of its customers which is why Airhead is one of the fastest growing […]

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Zray X1 9’9″ Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

Zray keeps presenting us with a variety of options to suit our needs and expectations when it comes to inflatable paddle boards which are everyone’s “want” for this summer; they are extremely portable, easily stored, and convenient for anyone including children. An inflatable SUP board can be used for racing, touring, relaxing and even yoga… […]

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Airhead AHSUP-2 SS Super Stable inflatable SUP Board Review

The Airhead AHSUP-2 Super Stable inflatable SUP board is obviously a unique stand up paddle board and that’s not only because of the way it looks. Evidently, the Airhead AHSUP-2 Super Stable doesn’t really resemble a standard iSUP because it is designed to be more than just that. Airhead built this board to solve a […]

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Wakooda GT150 12’6″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

Wakooda GT150 Review

The GT150 is Wakooda’s latest addition to a long line of top notch inflatable stand up paddle boards. It’s true that Wakooda is relatively new to the scene of stand up paddle boards. Nevertheless, it has already established a firm reputation and that is due to many reasons. Quality is one of the company’s most […]

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Wakooda Gt126 10’6″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

Wakooda Gt126

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are offering everything that standard,rigid sup boards can deliver in addition to their extreme portability; therefore, you can only hurry and get hold of one of those perfect all-inclusive packages where you get an inflatable SUP board and everything you need to handle it. This friendly water sport is only […]

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airSUP 12’6″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

airSUP 12'6

Matter of fact is finding an inflatable board that is 100% compatible with your preferences is almost impossible and even if you do find one it’s rarely ever going to be branded by the name you desire. Such is the dilemma with inflatable paddle boards specifically and the best example of that is the 12’6” […]

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