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Earth River 12’6″ inflatable SUP Board Review

It’s not late yet if you’re looking for a good inflatable standup paddle board; the weather is only getting hotter and the nearest beach, river, or lake is calling you to do some surfing, recreational paddling, or yoga; you just name it, because with the Earth River SUP which comes in 3 different sizes you’ll […]

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Blue Wave Sports Manta Ray 12′ Inflatable SUP Board Review

When it comes to stand up paddle boards, there are two fundamental questions you should ask yourself before you make any purchase and those are: What type of board am I looking for? And what brand can I trust? The answer to the first question is usually not that complicated as you’ll surely pick the […]

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Atlantis 10’6″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

One of the most common yet hardest decisions we are faced with in the market place is whether to trust an unfamiliar brand which seems promising or just go with a familiar one no matter how inadequate it feels. I personally have been in this situation more often than not and it’s especially hard when […]

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Red Paddle Co 12’6″ Explorer Inflatable SUP Board Review

The Red Paddle Co is amongst the most reliable inflatable stand up paddle board brands out there if not the most reliable one and that is but one reason to love this brand. We have been reviewing inflatable stand up paddle boards for several years now and we have inspected over 25 different brands and […]

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Vilano Sport / Fishing Inflatable SUP Board Review

Vilano, now that’s an unfamiliar name in the inflatable paddle board scene and with that arise a number of questions. It is an agreed upon fact that it’s always safer to trust a familiar brand than taking your chances with a strange product but once ago even these trusted names were unknown and unfamiliar to […]

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Red Paddle Co SPORT 11’0″ inflatable SUP Board Review

2016 red paddle co 11 sport inflatable SUP Board Review

The Red Paddle Co is a relatively young brand to the inflatable paddle board scene but it has already attracted more attention than some of the oldest brands in the field. Some of the reasons behind the almost immediate sprout of this manufacturer is the interactional relationship that it carries out with its clients as […]

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Aqua Marina Perspective Inflatable SUP Review

Aqua Marina Perspective inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Aqua Marina is basically the god father of the inflatable paddle board industry. This brand has managed to engrave its name in the boarding scene due to its dependency on client satisfaction and gradual upgrade in both the quality and performance of its inflatable paddle board line. Hence the question which occurs is: Does that […]

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Starboard 10′ Astro Whopper Inflatable SUP Board Review

Starboard inflatable stand up paddle boards are what you’d call a mystery. This manufacturer has recently appeared without further notice and it has been collecting positive reviews since but the question is “How?” How did this relatively new born brand build such a thick reputation in the industry? Well, there are two answers to that […]

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Red Paddle Co RIDE 10’8″ SUP Board Review

The Red Paddle Co is a relatively young brand in a category that is relatively new. Quality inflatable stand up paddle boards are considered to be a modern invention and today you can safely say that they are actually reliable. Not just that, in fact, inflatable paddle boards are actually as rigid and durable as […]

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Red Paddle Co ELITE 12’6″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

Red Paddle Co Elite 12ft 6in inflatable SUP Board Review

It has been always a problem to take your board with you anywhere especially if you don’t have a car or if your car cannot support the board in any way, thus, inflatable paddle boards came along to put an end to that dilemma; now, you can get yourself the biggest board out there, and […]

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