PathFinder 9′ 9″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard Review

The thing that came to my mind when I saw an inflatable paddle board for the first time was how awesome that thing is; it’s inflatable, portable, and it seemed to be the new way to enjoy summer fun on the water.

Stand up paddling is a friendly sport that can be convenient for anyone, and the 9'9" PathFinder inflatable stand up paddle board is a solid example to prove that point.

Pathfinder SUP and accessories

If you are looking for an all-inclusive package (with paddle, pump, and carry bag) then the PathFinder, available in either blue or orange color is definitely worth considering. 

The PathFinder is 9 feet 9 inches tall and 30 inches wide when fully inflated, with near military grade PVC material with strong multi-layer drop stitch this board will deliver a great deal of durability and puncture resistance.

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The PathFinder is a very solid inflatable board; it can be inflated up to 15 PSI, but even at 10-12 PSI this board is a rigid one. A hand pump is included in the package is an updated one and it does a great job inflating it in 5-10 minutes, however, you can always use an electric pump if you have one available.

Also, the board is 5 inches thick, and the stiffness you can sense when you’re on board of it is amazing. I hate to compare inflatable boards to the hard ones, and I know that hate is a big word, but the PathFinder is so solid you can knock on its back when inflated and it’ll sound as if you’re knocking on a wooden board; it delivers a great deal of stability and sturdiness.

Now let’s talk about the paddle; it's adjustable to fit any almost any paddler’s height; it extends up to 85”, also, it’s made of aluminum, so easy to handle and it doesn’t quickly sink if you drop it in the water.

Pathfinder SUP Full Length

Trying the PathFinder on flat water was amazing, it’s unexpectedly rigid and stable, and with the paddle being comfortable to use. However, for those of you who are of a little experience with stand up paddling, you can always paddle while sitting on your knees until you get a grip of the whole thing.

One more thing is the D-rings and bungee cord that are located at the front of the PathFinder are any items you wants to carry on board as you paddle. I honestly don’t need the bungee cord often, but once I was on a little trip in the lake and I really needed to bring a snack- box and water bottle, so the bungee cord did great job of securing it while I paddled.

Last but not least, the Z-Ray PathFinder comes with a great carry bag which makes the board look like a sleeping bag. The bag is really practical; the deflated board fits in it, while you can hang the paddle and the hand pump using the provided strips. I don’t think I could have asked for more than this; with a inflatable paddle board like the PathFinder rocking the water should be your new favorite sport.


  • The Z-Ray PathFinder comes in an all-inclusive package with paddle, pump and carry bag.
  • Lighter board when inflated compared to others makes it easier to carry


  • The Pathfinder inflatable stand up paddle board is 5 inch thick, which Is a bit thin for taller/ heavier paddlers
  • Only the repair kit is missing, but I doubt you’d need it if you look after the board and stay clear of rocks.


The Pathfinder is a good board for families and beginners. It’s a light, rigid, and stable board for a very reasonable price