ZRay X2 10’10” Inflatable SUP Board Review

Zray X2 10'10" inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewLooking for an inflatable paddle board could be a little demanding if you don’t know where to look or what are you exactly looking for; however, it’s summer already and you don’t want to waste more time without a good stand up paddle board to rediscover water activities in a completely different way.

The inflatable stand up paddle board we have here is one that comes in a complete package which includes everything you’ll need to handle it, and that’s a good place to start with.

The ZRay X2 inflatable stand up paddle board is a 10.10 feet tall, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick; it’s personally the perfect size that I’d choose every time whether for touring, recreational paddling, all-around paddling, or whitewater… it’s made of premium PVC double layers, durable drop-stitch construction and military grade material; all keep it so hard to damage and which also make it a rigid inflatable SUP board.

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This iSUP board is featured with an EVA deck pad which works perfectly for you to avoid slipping off the board while paddling because it will enhance your balance thanks to its anti-skid and comfortable texture. Additionally, a central carry handle is included on the board’s back which comes really handy when you need to carry around the inflated board.

Zray X2 10'10" inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ReviewSpeaking of which; the ZRay X2 inflatable SUP board comes with the latest updated hand pump pressure gauge which you can take anywhere with you; it does the job that is required of it and inflates the board up to 15 psi easily, which will turn the 6 inches SUP into a solid and sturdy platform which can take up to 320 lbs and that’s something I think is nearly impossible not to enjoy.

In addition to that, this good guy is featured with something I really appreciate as a person who likes to relax in the water and have whatever he needs while doing that; the ZRay X2 comes with 4 D-rings that are connected with a bungee cord so you can fix some cargo or any needed material to the board. Another D-ring is located on the board’s tail as to attach a safety leash like you can see in the picture.

ZRay X2 10'10" inflatable SUP board ReviewFurther, you’ll find that an awesome paddle is included in the package; it’s adjustable so you can fit it to suit your height and posture, it’s light and made of aluminum, and it does not sink in case it slipped your grip; it floats, which means you’ll never lose it; if it comes with the SUP, it stays with the SUP.

As for fins system, the ZRay X2 iSUP board is featured with a central removable fin which is designed to make knifing the water a piece of cake for the board; it’s very thin, finely made, and so easy to slide in or out.

ZRay X2 10'10" iSUP board ReviewNow, the thing about inflatable stand up paddle boards is that they have so much to offer; a variety of options, complete packs, and extreme portability, and this latter is the best part of the whole thing.

The deflated ZRay X2 iSUP board will turn into something similar to a rolled up sleeping bag which will fit in the featured backpack; it’s so practical, comfortable to use, and it’ll save you a great deal of trouble thinking about how to transport or store your board.

If there is anything I should point out about this ZRay X2 10’10” inflatable SUP board it shall be the fact that the package does not include a repair kit like other SUPs, however, it’s not that bad if you’re a friendly user who treats his or items with care.



  • The ZRay X2 comes in an all-inclusive package with everything you need to handle it.
  • It’s 10’10” tall which is a size that is perfect for all paddlers.
  • The fact that it’s 6 inches thick makes it a solid and balanced SUP.
  • The included paddle is adjustable and it floats instead of sinking.
  • A backpack is featured for maximum comfort and portability.


  • There is no repair kit included. You won’t need if you ask me, as this iSUP board is very well-built.

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Zray 10-10 Inflatable SUP Board

Zray X2 10'10" Inflatable SUP Board Review